About the Allergy & Intolerances Video

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About this Video:

The onset of Allergies usually occurs within two hours of exposure.

Common allergies include allergic rhinitis caused by dust, pollens, hay-fever etc, allergic conjunctivitis, asthma and skin rashes.

Intolerance symptoms may be delayed for many hours and often days making diagnosis difficult for both patients and doctors alike.

Food intolerance can produce symptoms in one or more parts of the body. Examples of food intolerance symptoms include skin rashes (eczema hives etc), gastro-intestinal symptoms (bloating, abdominal discomfort), headaches including migraines, mood, behavioural changes, restlessness and ADHD.

Patients who may benefit from the Seminar & Workshop are people experiencing:

  • Undue food restrictions
  • Loss of concentration, mood and behavioural changes
  • Eczema, hives and skin rashes
  • Headache and migraine
  • Irritable bowel symptoms
  • Sneezing, hay-fever and allergic rhinitis
  • Unexplained tiredness and energy depletion

You will learn about:

  • The difference between allergy and food intolerances
  • The connection between your symptoms, medical conditions, and allergy and food intolerances
  • What diagnostic approaches are available and their differences?
  • What treatment options are available?


Dr Christabelle Yeoh

MBBS, MRCP (London), MSc (Nutrition)

christabelle-yeoh-your-gut-feelingsDr Yeoh is a member of the Royal College of Physicians in London and is qualified in General Medicine. She has a Masters degree in Nutrition from King’s College London.   Dr Yeoh is a member of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, British Society of Ecological Medicine and is a registered Defeat Autism Now! Practitioner.  Dr Yeoh practiced at Breakspear Medical Centre London, until April 2012

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