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Low Carb Nutrition 2014 Seminar


Upcoming Seminar at the St Kilda Town Hall on Saturday 30th August 2014, 9am - 5pm.

Top Speakers Include:

“An Overview of Low Carb High Fat Nutrition” Prof Tim Noakes

“The Art and Science of Low Carb Performance” Dr Steve Phinney

“Low Carb for Public Health” Prof Grant Schofield

“A Dietician’s Perspective” Dr Caryn Zinn

“Sugar and Cancer” Dr Kieron Rooney

“Blood Tests to Assess your CV Risk” Dr Ken Sikaris

“LCHF for Elite Athletes” Prof Tim Noakes

“Applying Low Carb – Cases from General Practice” Dr Zee Arain

“A Nutritional Model for Optimum Weight and Health” Dr Gary Fettke

“LCHF for Diabetes” Dr Troy Stapleton

“Achieving and Maintaining Nutritional Ketosis” Dr Steve Phinney

“Making Sense of Dietary Studies” Dr Simon Thornley

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